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each session is a collaboration

communication throughout the entire time together is encouraged.

before the session, we discuss your goals and concerns. we create a plan for the day as well as one for the long-term.

blend of techniques include:

deep tissue, thai, meridian massage techniques, craniosacral therapy, hydrotherapy, activated isolated stretching, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, abdominal

charlotte is trained in trauma informed care.

this means I acknowledge that you are the expert on your body.

I come to each session with knowledge about anatomy, physiology and the nervous system but you ultimately decide what feels good to your body.

I invite feedback on what feels comfortable or uncomfortable for you.


intakes are thorough and detailed to give you the best possible care.

upon booking, you will receive a simple intake form where you can tell me as many details about your body and goals as you'd like.

before our session starts, we chat in person and I'll ask more detailed questions about your goals.

together, we'll make a plan for that session, with you as the ultimate expert on your body.

each session includes 15 minutes on top of your treatment to account for pre- and post-treatment discussion

Image by Priscilla Du Preez
Image by Christin Hume


my treatments are unique to each client and each session.

whether you are needing deep tissue work after a weekend adventure or you are looking for relaxation and stress-relief, I got you.

techniques that I am trained in:

deep tissue


meridian massage techniques 

craniosacral therapy

hot/cold therapy

activated isolated stretching

trigger point therapy

myofascial release



the magic continues after we part.

after our session, we'll discuss how you feel and any changes. I invite all feedback, positive or negative.

II you'd like, I provide simple self-care practices to enhance the work we did together.

make the most of your treatments:

drink lots of h2o

gentle movement

nature time

Image by Amauri Mejía


Service Name

a short drive up Lee Hill road in Boulder, you'll find Massage Mountain, a luxurious, finely curated escape from the city. choose from treatments in a private, temperature controlled outdoor pergola or a indoor space with forest breeze flowing in. 

Service Name 

Describe one of your services

Service Name 

Describe one of your services

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